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Fusion Fall Classic

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Indy Fusion Fall Classic established 1995, formerly Octoboofest, Haunted Bridge Classic

November 7th & 8th, 2020

Sold out!  Thanks to you!  
Please register for stand by waitlist.

241 teams applied, 230 Accepted as of 10/19/2020
190 teams in November 2019! 

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Registration Fees

U8:           $299
U9-U10:  $545 7v7
U11-U12:  $645 9v9
U13-U14:  $745 11v11
U15-U19:  $795 11v11

Format of Play

  • U8 will 4v4, roster size 10, 20 minute halves
  • U9-U10 will play 7v7, roster size 12, 25 minute halves
  • U11-U12 teams will play 9v9, roster size 15, 25 minute halves
  • U13-U14 teams will play 11v11, roster size 20, 30 minute halves
  • U15-U19 teams will play 11v11, roster size 20, 30 minute halves
  • Each team may have up to 3 guest players. 
    **Trapped 8th graders 15u’s moving to their spring 15u team may play on either their Fall "14u" team or their Spring 15u team, not both.


All teams must be in good standing in state associations. USYSA and US Club are eligible, Canada, Mexico.

Checks To:
United Soccer Alliance of Indiana
Attn:Indy Fusion Fall Classic
PO Box 532472
Indianapolis, IN 46253
[email protected] 

Indy Fusion Fall Classic first weekend November
2020 November 7-8
2021 November 6-7
2022 November 5-6
2023 November 4-5

Indy Fusion Fall Classic 
is a Stay to Play event.  All groups, teams, and guests are required to book their hotel reservations via the housing site.